jail-floor.08Main Number 815-319-6600

 Inmate Rules / Handbook


Mail must be of normal size and not contain any contraband as outlined in the rules and regulations of the Winnebago County Corrections Bureau. The inmate number (MID) is not necessary, but is helpful in directing mail to inmate. To find an inmate's MID number visit http://inmates.winnebagosheriff.com/.

All inmate mail must be sent to the following address:

Inmate’s full name & MID Number
Winnebago County Jail
650 West State Street
Rockford, Illinois 61102

Jail Chaplain

The jail Chaplain can be reached during normal business hours at 815-319-6625.

Inmate Property

While in custody, inmate property including LINK cards, credit/debit cards or cell phones will NOT be released. The only property that can be released are keys, with the permission of the inmate.

Booking 815-319-6602
Bond Out 815-6614