Winnebago County Sheriff's PoliceNews Media Release News  Release Number2011-018
Date: JUNE 4, 2011 Time:  7:09p.m. Page    of 1

 On Saturday June 4, 2011 at approximately 7:09P.M. Winnebago County Sheriff’s Deputies were sent to the 8900 block of South Main (River) in reference to a possible drowning. Fire Department Rescue Units were also sent. Upon arrival the Deputies were told that a pontoon boat had been on the river occupied by four subjects. A twenty year old male went over the side of the pontoon and was seen going under the water and was not found. An extensive search of the river was conducted by the Fire Department’s and the victim was not located. The search was called because of darkness and will resume in the morning. Sheriff’s Detectives are conducting an investigation as to the circumstances of the male going into the river. Further information will be released as it develops.