Winnebago County Sheriff's OfficeNews Media Release  News  Release Number                2011-009
 Information:   Hold on Deputy layoffs & addition to Narcotics
 Date:  03/21/2011  Time:  1600       Page 1   of  1

 Narrative:  The Sheriff’s Office has been working with the County Board Chairman over the past several months to increase our commitment to narcotics enforcement by adding four officers to our existing drug unit. Budget reduction requirements have made this effort difficult and if patrol layoffs occur we would not be able to re-assign the four officers to narcotics as planned.  The County Board Chairman joined this Department in informing the Public Safety and Finance Committees that we are close to meeting budget guidelines therefore we are following through with narcotics increases. Although the commitment to increased narcotics efforts will add to the demands on our budget we are currently on pace to achieve 2.3 million dollars of the 2.6 million dollar reduction required this fiscal year. We have put in place other budget reduction strategies that are aimed at addressing to the extent possible the remaining $300,000. We will closely monitor the remaining 6 months of this fiscal year and adjust when and where possible. The increase in narcotic traffic throughout Winnebago County and Rockford is reflective of such increases in other areas throughout the Midwest and requires action.   This agency deeply appreciates the efforts, understanding and support of the County Board Chairman and members of the Winnebago County Board.