Winnebago County Sheriff's OfficeNews Media Release  News  Release Number                2010-034
 Information:  Re-Opening of the Rock River in Winnebago County—No Wake                                        Restriction
 Date:  08/09/10  Time:  1400 Hrs.       Page 1   of  1

 Narrative: Sheriff Richard A. Meyers has been contacted by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (DNR) regarding the re-opening of the Rock River in Winnebago County.  Earlier today an assessment of the Rock River was conducted and the hazards that caused the closing of the river have been reduced.  The Conservation Police have reviewed the information and current conditions, and have recommended that since the river is below flood stage the river should be re-opened. The Illinois DNR has lifted the ARESTRICTED BOATING AREA@ for the entire Rock River within Winnebago County, which means the river is now open for recreational activity.  However, a “NO WAKE ZONE” will remain in effect for the Rock River throughout the entire County.  River users are reminded that the presence of debris in the river from the recent flooding creates hazardous conditions, which are difficult to detect, and the increased water flow creates a much faster current than what has been experienced over the past few months with the lower water levels.  These conditions increase the likelihood of problems for users of the river, so extreme caution is urged.  For current river conditions, and any further updates, contact the Sheriff=s Office at (815) 319-6300, or the Rock River information telephone line at (815) 316-8888.